About Us?

Univer-Co has been working for decades to provide excellent products.

The Origin

It all started in 1929 with Oscar Zerk, a brilliant and successful inventor, who developed a famous grease adapter which was known as the “Grease Zerk“.

A pioneer for the time, it was not until nearly 85 years later, in 2013, that UNIVER-CO was inspired by this original invention and developed a revolutionary product on the greasing industry market.

The two UNIVER-CO co-founders, Richard Labelle and Alain Bisaillon, quickly saw the need on the market. Mechanic-entrepreneur and manufacturer of agricultural machinery, it is thanks to their expertise in the field that they launched massive R&D in order to develop a product that would please and meet the needs on the market.

The Evolution

Early versions of the «UNIVER-CO grease coupler» featured an easy lock & release mechanism as well as a simple ball attachment system that could withstand 10,000 PSI, while being leak proof.

The success of the coupler was outstanding. Soon after, it was adapted and sold internationally.

In 2020, the co-founders are developing an improved version of the product. Based on the same simple and efficient mechanism, this new version now offers:

  • 4-jaw lock (rather than the ball attachment)
  • Integrated pressure release valve
  • Greater ease of use

Proud of this development, UNIVER-CO is once again one of the world’s pioneers in industrial greasing.

Thank you to all our customers

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